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Banking and finance business

Banks are the ones that carry out their business as a practitioner according to the conditions of the Central Bank and have multiple activities from accepting deposits, providing loans, discounting and collecting commercial papers, and opening documentary credits. These banks may practice other non-banking activities such as participating in economic projects, selling and buying stocks and bonds, and financing is a financial system that means efficient management of funds. The financing includes some basic issues such as loans, savings, budgeting and investment. The group has experience in disputes arising from the transactions concluded between the parties to the banking and financing contract.
Commercial and corporate law

It is a law that joins partnership operations by listing multiple types of companies, whether they are local or foreign, people, or funds. With its long experience in this field, the group provides assistance to our clients in choosing the best structure compatible with the company's interests from incorporation to liquidation and exit. .
Bankruptcy law

After the issuance of Law No. 71 of 2020, the business environment improved by separating the commercial and personal entity, as it gave the merchant who was exposed to bankruptcy to go through stages such as restructuring the company and preventive settlement before declaring the company bankrupt, as the group has high qualifications and experience in assistance in all related aspects By bankruptcy law.
The Central Bank Law and the regulation of banking and electronic payment professions

According to Law No. 32 of 1986, all banking business is subject to the supervision of the Central Bank of Kuwait, whether local or foreign, with branches in the State of Kuwait, and the bank subjected the electronic payment system under the umbrella of its control after the issuance of the bank’s decision 44/430 of 2018, the group provides advice to banking institutions And individuals with regard to central bank supervision.
Intellectual property and trademark

Our legal group provides clients with the importance of registering trademarks in the State of Kuwait before starting any business .
Mergers and acquisitions

We provide legal advice and study regarding the merger of companies through merging or mixing with another commercial entity or its acquisition in all legal aspects. .

We provide the best services through the group's partners in collecting money through the registration and correspondence system, specifying a period before filing a lawsuit.
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